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Evolutionary Arts Life Youth Arts Program Goes to Washington, DC!

Earlier this year, the Evolutionary Arts Youth Arts Program was invited by the FBI to travel to Washington, DC to perform for their International Black History Celebration entitled “Freedom, Resistance, Equity: A Progressive Journey for Black Americans”. The event was live-streamed throughout the world to all divisions of the FBI. Evolutionary Arts received a standing ovation for performances from Fences, The Color Purple, and Harriet the film.


Evolutionary Arts Life is a dynamic youth arts organization dedicated to nurturing creativity, inspiring self-expression, and fostering a love for the arts among young individuals in the Miami-Dade County region of South Florida. Our mission is to provide a supportive and inclusive environment where young talents can flourish, whether they are dancers, musicians, actors, or visual artists. Through our diverse range of classes and programs, we aim to empower the next generation of artists to explore their potential fully.

To stay updated with our talented students' latest news, events, and inspiring stories, please follow us on all our social media platforms. For more information about our class offerings and year-round programming, visit our website. Join us in our journey to celebrate the arts and cultivate young artists' passion and potential!


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