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Evolutionary Arts Life is supported by the generous contributions of various Donors & Sponsors throughout Miami-Dade County and beyond. Every donation directly impacts students involved in our programs by providing both scholarships and free tuition to participate in numerous classes and activities each year. As a 501(c)3 organization, all contributions are tax-deductible when made to the Evolutionary Arts Life Foundation. To become a donor/sponsor, please contact us through our contact portal, here.


Serving our community since 1958, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami (BBBSM) is the premier nonprofit mentoring organization in South Florida. We champion hope, transformation, and social good, defending the potential of children who most need it.

BBBSM has proved successful in serving as an educational driver and in empowering youth to reach their full potential, furthering the opportunities for young people to join the local economy as educated and goal-oriented young professionals and community-oriented citizens.

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